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Cardio & strength workouts created to inspire & motivate.

Join the 1000’s of women feeling strong & energised with The Mamawell Method.



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"I love training with Rosie. I trained with her before and after my pregnancy and she just gets it. It's pretty scary going back training after pregnancy, but Rosie made me feel comfortable and now I can train just as I did before"


Presenter, model & entrepreneur

"It was great to have The Mamawell Method after having my 2nd child. Was good to feel confident I was doing the right sort of exercises. They were so manageable to fit in and do when I wanted. Have definitely helped me get back into fitness & I'd definitely recommend."


Olympic swimmer & TV presenter

"I'm really enjoying following The Mamawell Method at this stage of my pregnancy. It's massively helping me keep up my fitness, strength and a positive mindset too."


Singer - song writer


MAMAWELL was founded by Rosie in 2017 shortly after the birth of her daughter Charlotte. The MAMAWELL Method - on demand video workouts are perfect for staying strong and energised at home through pregnancy, post-birth and beyond. A fitness professional with a dance background, Rosie's high energy post-natal bootcamps, Ballet classes and private sessions in SW London will motivate and inspire.​ 

A pre and post-natal exercise specialist who understands firsthand the changes

that the body goes through in childbirth, Rosie will guide you towards your fitness

goals with patience, expertise and passion.  


I trained in London as a dancer and subsequently performed, taught and choreographed shows in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and the USA. Whilst living in New York I developed my passion for fitness by qualifying as a Personal Trainer and choosing to specialise in pre and post-natal fitness, working at the exclusive Equinox Gym.


Alongside caring for my daughters, I aim to empower women to use their bodies to give them strength and energy throughout their pregnancy and childbirth. In the postpartum period I educate women on the changes their bodies have gone through, how to safely exercise, and encourage them to find confidence and balance in this mentally and physically challenging time.



YMCA - L3 Ante & Post Natal Training 

National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF)

EFTI (Equinox Fitness Training Institute)

RAD (Royal Academy of Dance)



Rosie is currently on maternity leave so taking some time away, but the Mamawell Bootcamp evening class runs on Mondays. Please book online below. 

Postnatal bootcamp - morning, bring your baby - coming soon!

For pregnancy or postnatal workouts at home, please check out The MAMAWELL Method.

For any enquiries: info@mamawell.org

Brands: meganm@instinctbrandequity.com 

Info on classes usually offered, see below!


MAMAWELL's signature bootcamp is energising and uplifting! Pelvic floor work, joint mobilisation and stabilisation will provide the base for the higher intensity circuits that follow. You will work  your whole body, improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen muscle tone. All levels of fitness welcome, including those who have much older children - sessions are adapted to suit the needs of the group.

45 minutes|Book online | Wandsworth Park | Bring a mat


If your goals are more specific, we recommend personal training as a great way to kick start your transition into full fitness. We come to you and always accommodate your little one where necessary. Training throughout pregnancy promotes both physical and mental strength, both of huge benefit during labour and in the days proceeding. A few sessions instructing how to best support your body as it goes through the changes of pregnancy or post-birth can help tackle any common aches and pains arising.

45 minutes | Littles ones welcome | At your home/outdoors - OR ONLINE. 

Email: info@mamawell.org to book.


Our Ballet class will improve concentration, coordination, posture and muscle tone. The stress of the day disappears as you focus all your attention on the dance steps and moving fluidly to the music. As well as technique, you will work on improving flexibility and core strength to make this class a great work out for the body and mind. 


Just for adults | In our studio 

Putney, SW London 

EMAIL to book: info@mamawell.org



"I’m currently on week 5 of the programme & absolutely love it. I was in such a low place, absolutely hated my body & with your programme I am beginning to love myself again. I am a doctor & will definitely be recommending this to patients, so accessible, reasonably priced and safe. Thank you!"

I"'ve a 9 month old baby & have been doing the workouts each morning whilst she plays, watches & laughs at me from her playpen! Love the workouts, great motivation & makes me get up with a purpose other than just make her a bottle. I feel great after them, and have recommended them to everyone."

"The Mamawell Method was launched just as I was at an all time loss as to how I was going to get back into exercise safely 8 wks postpartum. Let alone fit it in with the baby and no childcare! Well, from the first video I was hooked. I can honestly say that now i'm at wk 8 I never want the videos to end & its been such a rewarding exercise programme. Can't recommend it enough for all mummies wanting to build strength & feel like you again."

I've a 9 month old baby & have been doing the workouts each morning whilst she plays, watches & laughs at me from her playpen! Love the workouts, great motivation & makes me get up with a purpose other than just make her a bottle. I feel great after them, and have recommended them to everyone.

"Really enjoyed my first session - feeling it in my thighs and glutes today (in a good way!). Was definitely a full workout, and I loved being able to do it my kitchen. Can't wait for the next session!"

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