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With content you can access as soon as you wish post-birth, Mamawell is here to support your postpartum journey. From the groundwork of breathwork, pelvic floor strength and abdominal activation - through to full length workouts when you're ready, the programme supports all aspects of your recovery. Suitable for all women including post-caesarean and those needing more pelvic floor support.

Low impact, high energy workouts, plus video content to support your body and mind from stretches and pelvic floor workouts, to guided mediations & yoga flows. All from your own home, with minimal equipment. You can start at any stage postpartum and feel the benefits.

Join the 1000s of women feeling confident and strong with Mamawell.

  • ​Regain strength, energy and time for YOU post-birth.

  • Learn about the changes in the body postpartum and how best to adapt your workout.

  • High energy, low impact strength & cardio - suitable for all types of birth recovery including caesarean and those needing more pelvic floor support.

  • Programme designed by a qualified, experienced & passionate instructor who will keep you motivated.

  • Equipment needed: 2 x resistance bands (available from the Mamawell shop)

  • £7.99 a month, no minimum subscription.


  • 8 full length workouts - repeat & get stronger.

  • 8 shorter workouts.

  • Postpartum specific stretches, breathwork, Pilates session, Yoga flow, pelvic floor, abdominals & posture, early days postpartum movement, guided meditation.

  • Written content.

  • Email support.


“I just wanted to say thank you because The Mamawell Method have been the absolute best thing since having my baby earlier this year in getting me feeling healthy & fit again! I love your workouts and your style in making it all feel really achievable”.

Lucinda, Mamawell member

 "I was at an all time loss as to how I was going to get back into exercise safely 8 wks postpartum. Let alone fit it in with the baby and no childcare! Well, from the first video I was hooked. I can honestly say that now I'm at wk 8 I never want the videos to end & its been such a rewarding exercise programme. Can't recommend it enough for all mummies wanting to build strength & feel like you again."

Meabh, Mamawell member

"I’m currently on week 5 of the programme & absolutely love it. I was in such a low place, absolutely hated my body & with your programme I am beginning to love myself again. I am a doctor & will definitely be recommending this to patients, so accessible, reasonably priced and safe. Thank you!"

Kate, Mamawell member

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