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All workout plans come with a FREE trial week. Sign up by clicking the programme below - you need to enter your payment details but you won't be charged anything until the trial is completed.

  • The PREGNANCY Method

    Every month
    Support your body & mind through pregnancy.
     7 day free trial
    • Unlimited access to the Mamawell pregnancy programme
    • Exercise through all trimesters with safety & confidence.
    • Workouts include cardio, strength & stretching.
    • Pelvic floor, posture, abdominals & more!
    • Video & written content to access whenever you choose.
    • FREE for the first week.
  • The POSTNATAL Method

    Every month
    Make time for YOU post-birth.
     7 day free trial
    • Unlimited access to Mamawell postnatal programmes
    • Regain strength & energy post birth.
    • Safe & effective cardio, resistance training & stretches.
    • Pelvic floor & abdominals focused work.
    • Video & written content - access whenever you choose.
    • FREE first week.
  • Club Mamawell

    Every month
    Strong & fit for life!
     7 day free trial
    • 3 x new workouts each week
    • Resistance training, cardio, power flows, circuits & more
    • Mind & Body area with Pilates,yoga, mindfulness & breathwork
    • Nutritious, easy recipes
    • Huge library of workouts for catch-up
    • First week FREE
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All the convenience of working out at home, but with a women's fitness specialist motivating & supporting you. Expect intelligent training, a calm, fun atmosphere and real results, both mental & physical.

Pay as you go and drop into live classes twice a week (term time only) or join Club Mamawell for unlimited sessions (3 times a week) PLUS a library of over 200 saved sessions, breathwork, meditation & recipes.

£6 a class drop-in | Join me live or catch up within 24h.
£29 Full membership | Full library, unlimited catch-up time & choice.


  • Who is Club Mamawell for? Do I need to be a certain fitness level?
    The club is for all women of all fitness levels. You will work to your own goals and fitness levels in the workouts - guided by the coaches. It is NOT for pregant or postpartum women who are sitll rehabbing from their birth. For this population group it's recommended to complete The Mamawell Method: Postnatal Edition first. The club presumes you have a good level of control in your pevlid floor and ability to activate your abdominals for higher intesntiy exercise. Please email if you have individual questions on this.
  • What equipment do I need?
    You need a mat, 2xdumbbells, 1 looped band, 1 long band. *Dumbbells: You can choose whichever weight you'd prefer to start with. A 5kg would be a good challenge for most people, but you could start lighter e.g. 3kg if you'd prefer. I now have 5kg and 8kg and the workouts really get harder the more weight you add - then you also get stronger, and so it continues!
  • When is payment taken?
    When you sign up to Club Mamawell you get a free trial for 1 week. Payment will automatically be taken after that week and then will continue coming out of your bank every month until you decide to cancel.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    We hope you'll never want to leave! But we understand everyone's goals, motivation and reasons for exercising are different You can cancel anytime by heading to the 'my subscriptions' page on the login menu. Your membeship will cancel immediately and no further payments will come out after the current billing period. I'd like to cancel now.
  • When do the new workouts come out each week?
    There'll be a new live/on-demand workout posted every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6.30am UK time. They will be saved if you can't join live. The workouts will be around 30mins long each and will cover all types of exercise focus in them. They will either be live, or pre-recorded, but always with the live, follow-along vibe that you love getting with Mamawell.
  • What if the live stream isn't loading?
    If you are joining live at 6.30am and don't see a live video, try refreshing your browser. If it's Mon/Wed/Fri there should be a video happening. Next, try the video library for the latest saved videos.
  • How many workouts will be saved in the library?
    Most of the workouts will be saved! There'll be 100s in the library. You can search for a key focus area once you're in the library. Different options come up in the search box. Occasionally we will have to remove old workouts to make space for new ones, but don't worry, there'll still be a huge selection available.
  • When do new Mind and Body videos and recipes get added?
    There'll be new content in these sections over the months. It won't be at the start of each month, but at the avilabilty of our brilliant contributors. You'll get an email notification when something new is added.
  • Can I download the videos?
    The videos sit on the Mamawell platform and are not downloadable or shareable. You'll need an internet connection to access the videos, but they are available on multiple devices 24/7. You can watch them on mobile or desktop and they can be cast to a TV for big screen viewing!
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