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Suitable for all fitness levels, but not those who are pregnant or early stage of postnatal recovery.

Club Mamawell introduces weights, although there are plenty of workouts available with no equipment needed.

3 new workouts a week, but you can catch up anytime or choose your favourites from the extensive library.

Lots of adaptations given, but Club Mamawell workouts presume you are not suffering with pelvic floor issues or abdominal separation.

Strength training & impact cardio is SO IMPORTANT as we age. Club Mamawell promotes this as well as power flows, stretches and lower intensity workouts.
Suitable for all fitness levels. You can start at any stage of your pregnancy. 

8 focused workouts that should be repeated to build strength & stamina. Plus stretches & slow flows.

Safe effective exercises that can be done at home whenever you like. Dip in and out rather than a set week by week schedule. 

Stay active right up to birth with more gentle workouts, birth prep, yoga flows and more. 
Physio recommended.
Suitable for all fitness levels and births, including vaginal, assisted and Cesarean.

8 focused workouts increasing in difficulty that should be repeated to build strength & stamina. Plus stretches & slow flows.

Exercises to help heal diastasis (abdominal separation) and to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Workout at home, whenever you like. Perfect with baby on the mat near you, or to take time alone. 

Start from 6 weeks with the main workouts. From birth you can access content on posture, core activation, breathwork & beneficial stretches for new parents. 

Physio recommended.
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