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Designed to support you as your body changes throughout your pregnancy, the Mamawell Method incorporates workouts that will keep you energised, fit and strong. We know that every pregnancy is different, so rather than following a week by week approach, you can choose the workout that suits exactly where you're at, each day of pregnancy.

Access video content to support your body and mind from stretches and pelvic floor workouts, to guided mediations & yoga flows. All from your own home, with minimal equipment. You can start at any stage and continue right through to the day of birth if you wish!

Join the 1000s of women feeling confident and strong with Mamawell.

  • Stay strong, fit and energised throughout your pregnancy with workouts that include cardio and resistance training that can be adapted for all trimesters.

  • Feel confident, empowered and safe exercising. You'll be taught by a qualified, experienced and passionate instructor who will keep you motivated. 

  • At home, any device, available 24/7.

  • Equipment needed: 2 x resistance bands (available from the Mamawell shop)

  • £7.99 a month, no minimum subscription.


  • 8 full length workouts - repeat & get stronger.

  • 8 shorter workouts.

  • Pregnancy specific stretches, breathwork, Pilates session, Yoga flow, pelvic floor, abdominals, movement for labour, guided meditation.

  • Written content.

  • Email support.


"I just wanted to write to tell you I'm LOVING your pregnancy programme. I never really thought I'd do much exercise in my pregnancy but I'm actually feeling so great moving and really strong & positive about it all. So thank you!"

Tracy, Mamawell member

"Loving the Mamawell pregnancy workouts. I was v active pre pregnancy & they've given me so much peace of mind that I can still feel fit & challenged whilst knowing my baby is supported & protected. Now I'm in my third trimester they're proving invaluable & helping me a lot mentally too."

Tor, Mamawell member

"Great value for money, you get so many different things you can try. I even found sessions I enjoyed when I thought I had no energy! I'm onto the postnatal plan now & feel like I've not lost any strength because I had done these workouts. This has been the best support to me through my pregnancy."

Gemma, Mamawell member

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