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If you're in the late stages of pregnancy, or early days postpartum, then this content is especially for you!

Later in pregnancy, you may not want to workout as you have been - so here you can opt for something slower & gentler that will continue nourishing your body in just the way it needs. These videos also have tools that may help prepare for labour & keep you on track for your recovery.

Early days postpartum, the focus should be on healing, resting and feeling cared for. Birth is a major event, whatever the journey, and respecting recovery is vital. The videos here will help you activate the pelvic floor, stretch out tired bodies and bring awareness to abdominals and posture - all of which will set you up for starting to move more intensely when you're ready. 

Both sections also contain mindfulness & breathing to help bring energy and calm. Some of the videos are suitable for both pregnancy & postpartum - check out the info for more details.