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I wanted to share this workout with you as I think it's the perfect representation of my hybrid focus with training the body - we cover strength, flexibility, mat-based specific muscle-focused work. Underpinning all this is my question that I ask in most sessions: "how are you feeling today? What have you come to the mat with: energy, fatigue, stress? How do you feel at the end of the session?" Just checking in with ourselves regularly is true self-care.
I hope you enjoy this session. It's most suited to those who aren't pregnant or earlier days postpartum, but if you're used to my workouts you could try at any stage and make some adjustments where you feel you need to. 

Please always listen to your body with home workouts to avoid injuries. Don't forget to check out my programmes for more focused work  for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond, depending on what you need!
MON 30th OCT: Strength & Tone
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The Mamawell Method has you covered. All through pregnancy, up to birth, the early stages postpartum and when you're ready to take it up a notch again - the workouts and advice will support and motivate you. £7.99 a month. 
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