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Workouts to help you stay energised and well during lockdown!

As you are all aware, we are facing challenging times due to Covid-19. Movement is so important for the mental and physical benefits it brings. For this reason we wanted to launch the Mamawell Home Studio to support you at this time.


We want you to be able to exercise in a safe and beneficial way whilst you're at home. All our home workouts have been designed to fit into a small space.


You just need two resistance bands - a looped one and a long one. Available in the Mamawell shop or other online retailers. 

Most workouts are suitable for all (pregnancy and postnatal included) as adaptations are given throughout. It will be specified if it not suitable for a certain population group. 

Workouts will be added each week. They are between 40-50 minutes long and priced at £5.00 each. 

Thank you for supporting Mamawell in this challenging time for face-to-face connection. 

Rosie x

Founder of Mamawell
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Legs, Bum & Arms

You'll definitely feel this one!


  • Suitable for all including pregnancy & postnatal.

  • 40 minutes of workout time.

  • £5.00 to workout - 24 hours access.

  • Focused lower body & arm work. Less cardio, but you'll still get a sweat on and feel amazing afterwards!