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Support yourself in the later stages of pregnancy and the earliest days post-birth

Introducing stretches & yoga flow for the third trimester, ways to stay strong for labour, slow gentle workouts and all important mindfulness & breathwork to prepare you for birth - allowing you to stay active in your own way, with confidence.

Post-birth it's advised to wait for 6 weeks minimum before doing anything too strenuous, but there's lots you can do to nourish the body and mind prior to that stage.

Access videos on posture, core activation, pelvic floor instruction from a top physio, stretches for tired parents and more.

This will set you up really well for when you feel like moving again and will start to lay the groundwork for a strong recovery. 

This section flows seamlessly from the pregnancy to the postnatal programme, so no need to resubscribe - choose the videos that best apply to you.

Join the 1000s of women feeling confident and strong with Mamawell.


  • Movement & mindfulness for the third trimester, right the way up to birth. Included in both Mamawell pregnancy & postpartum programmes.

  • Stretches, breathwork, mindfulness, core activation & pelvic floor work for early days postpartum. This will provide the basis of your postpartum recovery, paving the way for more intense movement when you're ready.

  • Prepare mentally & physically for birth and nourish yourself in the early days postpartum.

  • Video content available 24/7 on multiple devices. 

  • £7.99 a month, no minimum subscription. Continue on from or into the other Mamawell programmes.


“I just wanted to say thank you because The Mamawell Method have been the absolute best thing since having my baby earlier this year in getting me feeling healthy & fit again! I love your workouts and your style in making it all feel really achievable”.

Lucinda, Mamawell member

 "I was at an all time loss as to how I was going to get back into exercise safely 8 wks postpartum. Let alone fit it in with the baby and no childcare! Well, from the first video I was hooked. I can honestly say that now I'm at wk 8 I never want the videos to end & its been such a rewarding exercise programme. Can't recommend it enough for all mummies wanting to build strength & feel like you again."

Meabh, Mamawell member

"I’m currently on week 5 of the programme & absolutely love it. I was in such a low place, absolutely hated my body & with your programme I am beginning to love myself again. I am a doctor & will definitely be recommending this to patients, so accessible, reasonably priced and safe. Thank you!"

Kate, Mamawell member

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