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The MAMAWELL Method: Pregnancy Edition


The MAMAWELL Method: Pregnancy Edition is a specialised programme for the pregnant body, promoting increased energy, fitness and strength whilst being mindful of the adaptations the body makes throughout the trimesters. Easy to follow, informative and effective: the MAMAWELL Method empowers pregnant women  to exercise in the most beneficial way for their body.

The MAMAWELL Method: Pregnancy Edition has been designed to adapt with you throughout the trimesters. Rather than us dictate what you do week by week, we give you workout options to suit your energy level and goals. In each video there are multiple adaptations to make the workouts suitable for everyone's body. All workouts are compiled by qualified and experienced pregnancy trainers, ensuring that your workout is both safe and beneficial.


In an 'uncomplicated' pregnancy, exercise is thought to be so beneficial for both mother and baby, helping with strength and preparation for birth, plus aiding postnatal recovery. In addition, the endorphins produced with regular exercise are so beneficial in promoting positive mental health.


*Before and throughout working out in pregnancy, make sure you seek advice from your GP and be mindful of every workout. Detailed information is given in our FAQ once you have joined MAMAWELL.



8 X full length, real-time 40min workouts, 1 slow flow. Programme designed to be repeated to gain strength, fitness & stability. Workouts also available in shorter format for when you have less time. Additional videos including: stretches, pelvic floor session, abdominals, posture, yoga flow, movements for labour - and MORE!


All workouts are designed to do at home with minimum equipment. You will need:

  • An exercise mat 

  • A 2m long resistance band - go for strong resistance when purchasing, or start on a medium resistance and increase as you work through the videos.

  • A short circular looped resistance band - go for strong or very strong resistance.


Bands are available in the MAMAWELL Shop



You will notice there’s no soundtrack playing in the background of the MAMAWELL Method. We’re all different, and musical choice is so personal, so we decided to let you choose your own. Depending on mood, energy levels or how much sleep you’ve had, your music choice will differ day to day. Some people love to listen to podcasts, some the radio. And sometimes you may just want a bit of peace and quiet with no music at all.


The MAMAWELL Method: Pregnancy Edition renews monthly until you decide to cancel.

ONE EASY SUBSCRIPTION!  Access to whichever programme is relevant to you.

Stay with MAMAWELL throughout your pregnancy & on to your postnatal recovery.

£7.99 per month for unlimited access to all the video and written content for as long as you wish. Your membership will automatically renew monthly until you decide to cancel.

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