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Scared of the gym? Here's how to feel more confident.

Mamawell contributed to an article by Jack Rear in the Telegraph about how low body confidence can be a real barrier in getting back into fitness.

The article is available here:

This article covers few different view points, and I'm briefly quoted so I thought i'd share the full article I wrote here on my blog! Enjoy the read - and please let me know if any of these points resonate with you.

Body confidence when working out

Rosie from MAMAWELL writes about her experiences motivating people to exercise and find a fitness routine that works for their lifestyle.

So, you’ve made the decision and have the best of intentions of getting to the gym. You’ve bought the leggings that make you feel great, you’ve download the power playlist guaranteed to fire you up, and you’re pretty sure you have some moves organised that will make you stronger and feeling awesome. But then you cop out. Not feeling energised, haven’t got time, too much work on or the kids need you. The list of excuses is easy to populate. But the one factor often subconsciously holding us back from exercising is our own self confidence. From the insecurity we feel about our bodies, to the uncertainty of what we’re going to actually DO when we hit the gym, they are often strong enough feelings that prevent us from putting on our trainers and getting out there.

As a trainer with a post-natal focus, I often find my clients are newly lacking in body confidence, despite their bodies having facilitated the most amazing thing in carrying and birthing their baby. They see many changes in their body and some people are much less confident initially about working out. This is where the home workout comes into its own and is a lifesaver when you have a new baby and all the unpredictability that follows. Providing you can motivate yourself to start, you can get that buzz of endorphins without having to work up the confidence to work out in front of others. Additionally, with the best will in the world, the leggings on and the mind ready to work out, it is sometimes impossible to leave the house with a new baby. Having a set of exercises that you can quickly do at home is useful and a great solution.

On the flip side, the support of like-minded people in the same stage of life as you can be hugely beneficial. The community and camaraderie of the group can not only inspire you to work harder, but encourage you to be accountable to attend class, even when you're not feeling 100% confident. I set up the MAMAWELL bootcamp with this in mind, observing the confidence of individuals growing as they attended regularly. The group offered advice, support, commiseration and congratulation freely. There was no judgement about body, parenting, life/work choices and everyone felt included.