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MAMAWELL warm up flow: whole body stability and mobility, core activation and stretching.

This 10 minute flow is a perfect one for stretching out the whole body and setting you up for a great workout. I use it at the beginning of my sessions, or as a stand alone exercise when I just have a few minutes and want to get the blood flowing. Let the video run, but if you particularly enjoy any of the stretches just pause it to get the full juicy full body effect. This flow is safe and affective for the postpartum body, but is really beneficial for all population types. The chest and back stretching is perfect for our often inwardly rotated shoulders, caused by poor posture from too much sitting and typing, holding a baby, breastfeeding or pushing the buggy. Thoracic rotation promotes a healthy flexible spine, and increased range of motion of the back and core.

The core activation in this sequence really works the WHOLE core, not just the abdominals. I'm a big believer in the combined action of the anterior abdominals, lower back and pelvis to stabilise the body and promote correct neutral posture. It also helps with lower back pain. It is safe for all bodies, including those with diastatsis recti - a lot of these moves will help promote the closing of the anterior abdominal muscles.

The movements through plank at the end of the sequence gently raise the heart rate and challenge flexibility and arm strength. Be careful moving to plank if you are early days postpartum or have diastatsis recti. In this case, don't extend to full plank - go out half way, keeping your knees bent.

Enjoy! And please tag yourselves if you enjoy this flow, so I can see what you're up to!Also leave me your feedback by emailing me at or messaging me on Instagram @mamawelluk. #warmup #flow #yoga #stretch #mamawell #coreactivation #postnatalfitness #pp #postpartum