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Working Remotely

FREE online workshop:

“Motivation, planning and action. Identifying your wellness goals and reaching them with energy in 2024”

Saturday 27th Jan 9am (UK time). Live or catch up on the recording.


This isn't about a 'new year new you' or anything like that. Or about setting crazy fitness goals. Instead I'm going to help with some self-care. Caring about yourself enough to analyse your needs, working out how to prioritise and schedule some activities that help to meet those needs. 

Looking after our wellness in a proactive way not only benefits US, but everyone around us. We'll use this workshop to check in with ourselves, identify what's been holding us back a bit in making sure well and fit both mentally and physically and making some plans that are realistic and we know will make us feel good.

it might be about movement, it might be about work balance, confidence, sleep, reducing alcohol - all our needs are different but this is going to be a safe and energising space to get positive for 2024 together. 

I'm looking forward to it already!!

Just fill in the form below and I'll make sure you have all the information on how to join.

Any questions, email:


Thanks for signing up. The link for the course will be emailed to you soon.

The class is completely free, no card details required. Your email will be be stored on the Mamawell mailing list, which you can opt out of at any time. 

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