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Create some extra energy for YOU this festive season with Mamawell's FREE 12 Days of Fitness course. Comprising strength, cardio, stretches, power flows and a couple of relaxing sessions, the workouts will give you extra strength and fitness either in the run up to Christmas, or right afterwards, giving the end of the year a bit of focus.


This challenge isn't about weight loss or restricting yourself, but about supporting your body and mind at what is usually an absolutely manic (and often stressful) time of year. You can start whenever you want and complete the challenge at your own pace.

Building the habit of being active regularly is important - let me help you get started!

All workouts can be completed at home with minimal equipment - you'll need a couple of weights and a mat. All sessions are around 30 minutes or less. They're suitable for anyone, but we would recommend being careful if you're pregnant or earlier days postpartum, as there isn't specific guidance for pelvic floor or abdominals within the workouts. 

ALL fitness levels are welcome to join. There'll be a new, varied workout each day to challenge and inspire you. 
You'll not only notice yourself getting fitter and stronger, but creating positive habits in moving daily, noticing how that benefits so many other aspects of your life (hello: better sleep, more focus, better regulation of mood).

Join the members chat group for daily motivation and to share your workout stories... I promise to make it fun!

See you on the mat!

Rosie x

12 Days Of Fitness

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